Solar PV Systems

Solar Panels capture solar irradiation (sunlight) and convert it in to free green electricity for your home.

With electricity prices on the rise, higher efficiency panels and the price of panels reducing by 60% since 2010;  there has never been a better time to achieve energy independence.

Our experienced team of solar experts provide all the initial assessments and practical advice on how which solar PV system would be best suited for your home.

Once a suitable product has been selected our experienced Solar design and Install team will design, supply, install and commission the system for you.


Survey, Consult, Design

We will fully survey your property, consult you on what system would be the best for you,  then fully design your system using agreed components.

start to finish installation

Our team of experienced professional solar installers will come and install your system promptly and effeciently, with all electric installations completed by a fully qualifed electrican.

FIve star Aftercare

Reliable aftersale support for your system, if any issues arrive we will support and fix prompty and effectively.

you are always in great hands with Eco-domestic.

Common solar questions & Answers

Will PV Solar panels work during the winter?
Yes, absolutely.
Solar pv technology is very advanced and produces power even on totally overcast days.

Why should I consider a solar pv system?
PV solar systems are easy to install with minimal disruption and have no moving parts.
PV is now a mature technology and is guaranteed at a minimum 80% efficiency after 25 years.
It creates no pollution and is silent when operating.

What are the disadvantages to installing a PV solar system?
The only disadvantage is the initial cost outlay,
however this is offset by the 'Feed-In Tariff' payments you will receive and the savings on electricity usage that you would normally pay for.

How big a solar pv energy system do I need?
The size of the solar system you decide to purchase depends on the available installation space you have and how much you choose to invest at the outset.